Sit back and enjoy a video that will probably give you a chuckle, then might make you fume.

The same folks who have sponsored essay contests about the costs of medical care have a subversive video out that puts health care charges and billing in a pretty embarrassing light.

What if a hotel billed you like a hospital? You probably don't need a spoiler alert because I'll bet you can guess how the story goes.

There are some priceless exchanges between the patient/guest and the guy in finance about a $20,000 bill from the Hotel Hospital (use your best French pronunciation).

Customer: "What is your standard rate?

Finance guy: "Actually, sir, there is no standard rate. We can charge whatever we want for these things."

And I like the part about the guy being billed for a cab that was ordered "prophylactically," just in case he needed it.

The video is part of a project funded by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. And there's a nice post on the Costs of Care blog about the inspiration for the video: a trip to the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

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