The Wang Theatre saw a different audience on Friday night when metal fans young and old came out to see the spectacle that is the nouveau-metal group Ghost. No one in attendance was disappointed.

Since 2010, Ghost has been disrupting the metal scene, delivering pop sensibilities through psuedo-operatic vocals over a black metal instrument track. Sound crazy? It might be. But it also sounds pretty fantastic.

Beyond their creative take on the metal genre, Ghost also brings a distinct and very defined aesthetic to the stage. Mixing the iconography and costume of the Catholic Church with the colors and attitude of 70's horror films, the band creates a new story with each album. And along with the evolution of the sound, the bands costuming continues to develop, as does lead-singer/visionary Tobias Forge's characters and their place within the Ghost family tree.

And while the Wang might normally be home to ballet, folk and theatre, somehow this band fits perfectly within it's red-velvet and marble halls.

Photographed on December 7, 2018 by Andrea Wolanin.