"'One More' is in your face. It's raw." Those words from Jasmyn Burke are plainspoken and true. Her band Weaves was my No. 1 discovery at CMJ 2015, quirky, loud and mysterious, four amazing and downright fascinating players. "One More" is the first song off their very first album. The Toronto-based band has worked on its upcoming debut for the last two years, almost as long as the musicians have been playing together. They've spent that time refining their frenetic sound, the one that drew me into their music at the Cake Shop in New York City this fall.

Jasmyn Burke wrote and told me that in this first song, "There's a rush or intensity that comes with the imagery of nighttime that I wanted to incorporate with the tone and syncopation. It's about extremities. One true love, one beautiful evening, one last fight. It can mean everything and nothing all in the same sentence."

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