Like its baseball, Boston is serious about its food. And when it comes to noshing at a Red Sox game at Fenway, it's a religion – and we all have our preferred practice.

For New England native and lifelong Sox fan Stephen King, no trip to the park is complete without a box of Cracker Jacks, a Fenway Frank, and a Hood Sports Bar. This piqued our interest, so we asked our fellow WGBH colleagues what offerings they enjoyed most when watching a game. From Fenway Franks to modern takes on popcorn, it turns out the ballpark has something to satisfy every craving.

The Hoodwich Ice Cream Sandwich
Brent Hofacker

The Hoodwich

Digital Editor Ellen London loves her sports, but there is something she loves more. “Let's be honest, I don't go to Fenway for the baseball; I go for the ice cream!” she tells us. “There's nothing better on a hot summer day than biting into a gooey Hoodwich.” The classic ice cream sandwich is made with vanilla flavored ice cream and held together by two delicious chocolate chip cookies. “The cookie keeps the ice cream from getting all over my fingers,” Ellen says. “Wash it down with a cold Bud Light and you've got a perfect day at the ballpark.”

Chocolate fans can also opt in for the Hoodwich dipped in chocolate chips.

The Sausage with Peppers & Onions at Fenway Park
Javon Martin

The Sausage with Peppers and Onions

Digital Social Producer Zack Waldman is no stranger to Fenway. And while the die-hard Red Sox fan enjoys many of the park's faster food offerings (missing a play is not an option), there's definitely one that always wins the game. “The sausage with peppers and onions is my go-to,” he says. “Along with the hot dogs and burgers, it always seems to be the most readily available (and tasty) option at Fenway.”

The traditional park sandwich starts with a perfectly grilled sausage, that's cooked to order, and topped with grilled peppers and onions and served on a hot dog roll. Zack adds: “It's a great way to soak up all the Sam Adams!” We couldn't agree more.

The infamous Fenway Frank
Javon Martin

Fenway Franks

WGBH Training Coordinator Anastasia O’Brien sticks to the classics when noshing at the park. “A must have is a Fenway Frank,” she says. The locally-made hot dog is rumored to be just as old as the stadium, and is steam-cooked (the “traditional” way) and served on a hot dog bun.

“A healthy smother of mustard is the best way to eat it,” Senior Digital Producer Stacy Buchanan adds. “You can also get yours grilled, if you prefer that tasty hot dog snap.”

As for me...

Cheetos Popcorn at Fenway
Javon Martin

Cheetos Popcorn

I'm a big fan of the cheddar-flavored popcorn mixed with Cheetos (of course). It's salty and crunchy, and chock full of flavor; a new (and welcomed!) take on a classic tub of popcorn. This delicious snack is made to order and served warm, with a lot of cheesy flavor coming from the mixing process in the conventional tumbler.

Cheetos Popcorn is only available at the park for a limited time (but the cravings will last forever). Be sure to grab a bucket at your next Red Sox game.