Am I the only one whose social media feeds were bombarded with apple picking photos last weekend? It seemed as if everyone I know was out in the orchards picking bushels of apples to take home and enjoy for snacks and baked goods.

This weekend is my turn! I'm off to upstate New York to visit family and go to the orchard they've been visiting since childhood. I plan to indulge in cider donuts, pick some fun varietals and likely Instagram my adventures through the orchard.

To prepare myself for the festivities, I've been imbibing in the ciders and seasonal beers that are now arriving at the liquor store. One of my favorites - and not just during the fall - isDowneast Cider House's Original Blend Cider. This week, I've been using my stash of Downeast to mix a fall shandy of sorts, and I think it's both tasty and incredibly easy to throw together!


  • 12 ounce can or bottle dry hard cider
  • 1 can ginger ale
  • 3 dashes bitters


Pour the cider evenly into two pint glasses, so that each glass has 6 ounces of cider. To each glass of cider, add 6 ounces of ginger ale. Finish with 3-4 dashes per glass of the bitters. Stir gently to mix and enjoy.