Each week on Under the Radar with Callie Crossley, Callie features voices in our communities for discussions on the pressing issues they face. Here are the top Under the Radar segments from 2020.

1. Vandalized Signs Don't Stop BLM Supporters From Taking A Public Stance On Private Property
By now you've probably seen them, the signs — large, small, colorful or simply black and white — with the words "Black Lives Matter." They've become a familiar sight since the wave of Black Lives Matter street protests after George Floyd was killed by a now-former Minneapolis police officer. But there's also been an angry response to the displays, with many incidents of stolen or vandalized Black Lives Matter yard signs and banners, often accompanied by sinister messages.

2. Kathy Iandoli's 'God Save The Queens' Gives Back The Mic To The Women Of Hip-Hop
Last year, Forbes' list of the highest-earning hip-hop artists listed 20 names — 19 men and only one woman: Cardi B. It’s symbolic of the way that female MCs and rappers, despite their talent and innovation, have struggled to be center stage in one of music’s most dynamic genres, even though they helped bring hip-hop to the world.

3. Black Fatherhood In The Wake Of George Floyd
In Black families, it’s known as “The Talk”: the discussion Black parents have with their kids about what to do should they end up in an interaction with a police officer. "The Talk" took on a new poignancy this Father’s Day as the nation mourned George Floyd, killed at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, and demonstrators protested the recent police killings of unarmed Black men and women.

4. The Legacy Of Tunney Lee: Preserving The History Of Boston's Chinatown
Boston’s Chinatown lost a pillar of its community this summer. MIT Professor Emeritus Tunney Lee, an urban planner, architect and historian died in July of complications from cancer. His Boston Chinatown Atlas, an interactive online platform, documents the neighborhood's history. Urban planners and historians say the atlas is a one-of-a-kind project that will teach new generations about their city’s history.

5. Bicycling Boom: Keeping Up With Pandemic-Fueled Demand
A bicycling boom has emerged amid the pandemic, as people search for a socially distanced outlet for recreation and a safer mode of transportation. Most bike stores are besieged by the demand from would-be bike buyers for just about anything on two wheels. Mechanics, too, are overwhelmed by massive waitlists of customers’ requests for a tune-up of their old bikes — some of which have been dragged out from the basement for the first time in years.