When Jimmy Ashe's flight from Boston to Ireland was canceled last minute on Aug. 13, he was faced with the potential of missing his niece's wedding.

He had paid $2,157 for three round-trip tickets in economy for his family, but "technical issues" with the aircraft canceled their late night flight.

Ultimately, Ashe spent $16,874 for tickets on the same airline to get to Ireland in time for the wedding.

"They just turned their back on him," Sean Murphy told Boston Public Radio on Friday to explain his reporting on the Ashe's nightmare scenario, which appeared in Murphy's column in The Boston Globe.

"In the final analysis, the way I look at this is, Aer LIngus turned a customer service breakdown into a windfall, not a little windfall, a $17,000 windfall," Murphy said. "In retrospect, Aer Lingus should have looked at all the circumstances and said no we cannot do this to a customer."

Murphy also discussed the case of a woman who's fighting the MBTA for reimbursement for her bike, which was stolen at a rack improperly installed by the T.