Ten thousand Americans turn 65 every day, a number expected to double by 2030. Many entering this chapter of life are embracing a host of new do-for-yourself experiences, like learning how to cook.

Enter "Seasoned," a new cooking magazine for adults over 60. It's the latest publication from the Belmont, Massachusetts-based publisher, ChopChop Family. Offering a mix of recipes ranging in skill level from beginner to life-long cook as well as pro-cooking tips, "Seasoned" aims to inspire older adults to take ownership of their health and happiness through home-cooked meals.


John “Doc” Willoughby – Editor of " Seasoned." Willoughby has written about food for three decades as a cook book author, executive editor for "Cooks Illustrated" and "Gourmet Magazine" and editorial director for America’s Test Kitchen.

Sally Sampson - Founder and President of ChopChop Family and Readable Feast’s 2019 Literary and Culinary Achievement "Literary Lion" Award honoree.