After the turkey and all the trimmings are polished off, it's become custom these days to go shopping. But an increasing number of retailers are shuttering their stores on Thanksgiving.
The big box behemoths like Home Depot, Staples, and Costco have all made a point of telling their employees and customers to stay home.
But for the third year in a row, the outdoor retailers REI and Patagonia are shutting down on Black Friday as well, and suggesting that customers and employees alike go hiking.
“It’s a bold move,” says Forrester retail analyst Sucharita Kodali, “and it was definitely a home run for REI from a marketing and brand communications standpoint. But if every retailer were to do this, I think it would take the impact out of doing it.”
Kodali says shutting on Black Friday works for REI and Patagonia because their most loyal customers are kind of a special breed.
“These are people who I would characterize as very value driven. These are the type of people who a company exercising conscious capitalism resonates with. But this notion of conscious capitalism won’t resonate with every customer or with big, huge companies,” Kodali adds.
The online site is keeping a  running list of stores closing on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This year over 75 well-known retailers are expected to be closed on Thanksgiving. Additionally, some stores will even be closed on Black Friday. The site also lists about a dozen other major retailers yet to declare.