Perhaps you watched the football game yesterday. In fact, according to Nielsen, if you own a TV, there is about a 50/50 chance you did. About half of all the televisions in the country (and about 70% of those that were on in select major cities) were tuned into Super Bowl XLVII Sunday night, as the Baltimore Ravens bested the San Francisco 49ers to win their second NFL crown.

And why not, the game provided something for almost everyone to chew over today. For the media watchers and critics there were plenty of commercials—ranging from the campy to the sexy to the emotional. For the music lover, there were superstar performances by Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Beyonce. For family psychologists, a sibling rivalry played out on the largest of stages. For urban planners and electrical engineers there was a blackout. Heck, there was even a pretty good fottbqll game for sports fans to talk about.

And talk about it we did today on Boston Public Radio, as well as some other sports stories, with Eric Wilbur, sports blogger and reporter for and The Globe's Patriots Beat Writer Shalise Manza-Young, who checked in live from New Orleans.