The Boston Red Sox have introduced John Farrell as their new manager.

Farrell appeared Oct. 23 at a news conference with club officials two days after the team announced it had reached an agreement with the Toronto Blue Jays to allow him to leave with one year left on his three-year contract as manager. Farrell said building a strong relationship with the players is a priority. “I will work my butt off to earn their trust, earn their respect and create an environment in the clubhouse that is just that. It’s a trusting one, it’ll be a learning one, and yes, it’ll be a competitive one and hopefully a very successful one as well.”

Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington also emphasized the importance of having a strong relationship with Farrell. “We think he’s the right person to lead the team moving forward. I think it’s important that I have a relationship with a manager that’s strong to the point that you can disagree and be candid with one another and walk away knowing that that relationship is still intact,” Cherington said. “I have a better chance of making good decisions if that relationship allows for that kind of candid discussion and disagreement at times. I feel confident about that with John based on my existing relationship with him.”

Farrell, Boston's pitching coach from 2007-10 under Terry Francona, takes over for Bobby Valentine, who was fired after one of the worst seasons in team history.

Boston Public Radio's Emily Rooney spoke with Roger Abrams, Northeastern University law professor; author of several baseball books including "The First World Series" and "The Baseball Fanatics of 1903" and former salary arbitrator for Major League Baseball about the Red Sox's new skipper.