Everyone said it was coming. The Boston Red Sox fired manager Bobby Valentine Oct. 4, the day after the team ended its worst season in more than 40 years.  

Former Major League Baseball arbitrator and Northeastern University Law professor Roger Abrams spoke with Boston Public Radio that day about the development. Abrams said the firing was no surprise considering the 69-93 season. 

"You can't fire everybody, so you fire the manager," Abrams told Boston Public Radio's Edgar Herwick. 

Valentine, 62, replaced former Red Sox manager Terry Francona  after the end of the 2011 season. Boston.com sports blogger Eric Wilbur said it was clear Valentine never clicked with the team and his public criticism of players such as fan favorite Kevin Youkilis may have undermined Valentine's managing ability.

"He shot from the lip and he said a lot of things he shouldn't have said," Wilbur said. "But the game had passed him by. He was the one who wasn't really mentally into the game. Let's get that out there. Youkilis, for all that he's done here, maybe didn't mesh with Bobby V. and he wasn't the only one."

Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington will lead the search for the new manager. In a Red Sox announcement management implied more changes to come in the off season. 

"I think people will learn from Bobby V.'s mistakes," Abrams said. "There is talent. You have to look hard, but you can find talent on this team. Someone can turn it around."

The Red Sox announced the firing on Twitter.