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Would you know the difference between corn fed and grass fed beef? How about if you were blindfolded and the meat was prepared by someone who really knew what they were doing? Yesterday, award-winning food writer for The Atlantic—and our resident foodie—Corby Kummer and myself, along with a handful of other invited guests sat down at Michael Leviton’s Cambridge restaurant Area Four for a blind taste test. Or what Corby described as "a meat eating marathon."

As it turns out, the tasting was organized to settle an old score. It's a friendly difference of opinion that Leviton says goes back years, to when Kummer criticized a grass fed steak served at  one of Leviton’s restaurants.

So is there really that big of a difference between grass fed and corn fed? Could Corby—with his sophisticated palette—tell which was which? Could I? And did we survive the "meat eating marathon?"

Corby Kummer, award-winning food writer for The Atlantic