Percentage of responses over 150 words: 19
Word count of longest response: 359, cut off by survey window
Distance of farthest-flung respondent from the State House measured in B branch Green Line cars: 105,171.89  *
… Distance in smoots: 1,393,920

Percentage of respondents wanting more service/no cuts: 31
Rank of "expand service" in  WGBH's Facebook poll1
Number of mentions of an "urban ring" that would connect the existing lines: 6
Year that six communities entered a compact to start planning an "urban ring": 1995  **
Number of mentions of the phrase "Big Dig": 13
Dollar amount of suggested increase in the gas tax: 1¢ – 5.1¢
Number of responses suggesting a new T pass for "SUV baby carriages": 1
Number of criticisms of T employees' work ethic/customer service: 6
… of T employees' fashion sense ("wrinkled, untucked shirts"): 1
Proportion of T employees who are great, according to one respondent: 99 44/100
Ratio of comments about the bus to comments about the commuter rail: 10:7
… of the buses to the Blue Line: 20:1
Bus routes identified by name: 1, 52, 77, 87, 88, SL5
Mean proposed maximum wait for a bus, in minutes: 11.67

Number of respondents wishing fellow T users "a nice ride": 1

* B branch cars are 74 feet long. Sources:  AnsaldoBreda Kinkisharyo Wikipedia for the train manufacturers.

** Source:  Boston Redevelopment Authority.