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GBH Celebrates Accessibility

GBH Celebrates Accessibility

In the 31 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act passed, we are still working to create a world that’s made for all of us. It’s why we pioneered captioning and audio description for broadcast television over 50 years ago and continue to set the standards. It’s why we research and develop tools that make all platforms more accessible. As public broadcasters, we know access isn’t just about accommodation. It’s about creating a world that all of us can navigate, one where knowledge is truly for everyone.

Take a look back at the evolution of creating media that can be used, read and viewed by people with disabilities.


  • Meet voters with disabilities, and the advocates who support them, as they cast their ballots and ensure access for all throughout this unprecedented election.
  • Adrianne Haslet, former professional ballroom dancer turned runner who lost her left leg below the knee during the Boston Marathon finish line bombings on April 15, 2013, has emerged as an outspoken advocate for amputee rights, lobbying legislators in Washington, D.C. to change the existing “one limb per lifetime” law in New York, which limited the number of prosthetics covered by insurance to just one per amputee. She has worked with Limbs for Life and the Range of Motion Project to raise money for other amputees to afford prosthetics of their own. And she is an ambassador for the Boston Marathon’s newly designated Para division — a first among the world marathon majors — for runners who use prosthetics.

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  • NCAM Wins FCC Chairman's Award for Accessibility

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