Dan Lothian, who joined The World as executive producer in 2021, has been named to the newly created role of editor-in-chief, GBH News and The World. Under his leadership The World, public radio’s longest-running daily global news program, produced in Boston by GBH and PRX, has expanded its reach, airing on a record 377 public radio stations across the United States and in Canada, reaching about 2 million people weekly. An award-winning journalist with deep roots in both domestic and international news, Lothian spent more than a decade as a correspondent for CNN, covering the White House, presidential campaigns, and breaking news. He also spent time working in CNN’s Jerusalem bureau. We sat down and got to know a bit more about him. 

What are you reading or listening to now?
The Devil Never Sleeps: Learning to Live in an Age of Disasters by Juliette Kayyem. 

Who is your role model or inspiration?
My mom. She was my biggest cheerleader before she passed away. 

Why is it important to you to be a public media journalist?
We are mission driven and focused on issues that are not always a priority in commercial media. 

What is one word to describe your job?

Describe an impact that your journalism produced.
Several moments in my career come to mind. However, an investigative story produced while working in Seattle led to anti-stalking legislation. I still have a framed letter from the lawmaker who sponsored the legislation hanging in my office. 

What are your hopes for GBH News going forward?
To be ambitious, expand, and diversify our audience; increase our partnerships; and use every platform to share compelling stories and programming.

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