We’ve always known that our colleagues are super hardworking, highly skilled and love a good challenge. A few of them are bringing that spirit to the beloved Boston Marathon on Monday, and they’re all doing it their own way. Patricia Alvarado Nuñez of WORLD Channel, Eric Gulliver of AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and Ellen London in GBH News will join the field in the country’s oldest marathon (since 1897).

There are as many back stories as there are Boston marathoners — 20,000 of them. And GBH staff participants have their own, one who trained with her two-year-old in a stroller, another who will be running virtually and a third who will volunteer—for the 11th year in a row.

Highlights - Marathon 1

[credit Aisha McAdams]

Ellen London, a senior editor for GBH News, is running her 18th marathon and her 8th in Boston, but her very first since having two children. “It feels like a homecoming, for many reasons. My daughters are two and six months old, and it's been really special to share my love of this sport with them. I've logged the majority of my training miles with my eldest in the jogging stroller, and the miles just fly by as we talk about our days, point out local sights around the city and sing songs (current favorite: "The Wheels on the Bus"). At the same time, when I can get out for a run by myself, it's a great way to clear my head and have some ‘me’ time — a rarity these days!”

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Patricia Alvarado Nuñez, an executive producer with GBH WORLD, is a loyal volunteer—at the all-important water/drink stations. “My husband Alan and I have been volunteering for the Boston Marathon since 2009. We are celebrating 11 years as co-captains of the 15K Professional Fluid Station. The Boston Marathon is one of the first marathons to offer unique fluid stops for elite runners. “

Highlights Eric Gulliver 3

Eric Gulliver, a producer/editor at AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, will be running the virtual component of the 2021 Boston Marathon. "Growing up in Massachusetts, I've always wanted to run the marathon. When the Boston Athletic Association opened up the postponed Boston Marathon for a virtual component in 2021, I jumped at the chance. I will be running 26.2 miles over the weekend leading up to the race. This year I am running for my father Wayne."