I am writing today on Juneteenth, reflecting on the critical conversations about race and racism that are happening nationally and within GBH. As a leader in public media and as an employer, it is imperative that we clearly state our position actively opposing racism: We stand against racism and inequity throughout our society and particularly here at GBH. We are committed to advancing understanding, tolerance and justice. We are committed to addressing issues of race and diversity at GBH and making this a better workplace for our Black and other employees of color.

It is clearly not enough to simply state our anti-racist stance. Our words must be backed up with immediate, concrete actions that will address issues regarding diversity and race within GBH. I recognize and acknowledge that we have not done enough and the whole executive team and I are committed to real and lasting change.

As a purpose-driven enterprise, we bear a special responsibility and opportunity to demonstrate this commitment not just in the work we create, but in how we do the work.

These are our commitments:

  • Hiring a Chief Diversity Officer with authority and resources to map and implement diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives across GBH. This person will report to me and work closely with all our senior leaders, who will have specific plans and measurable goals to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in their work and in their teams.
  • Improving the recruitment, hiring and retention of Black and other employees of color, especially among our managers and creative teams. Our leadership team and senior managers will be held accountable for increasing diversity within our workforce.
  • Re-establishing a Foundation-wide Diversity and Inclusion Council, drawn from colleagues across the organization, to inform and advise me and the GBH leadership team on practices, policies and initiatives that can advance our diversity agenda. I will lead this committee along with the Chief Diversity Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Vice President of Human Resources.
  • Developing training programs for all employees on anti-racism, addressing issues of micro-aggression, implicit bias and other subjects so that we can be proactive allies, respectful colleagues, teammates, managers and leaders.
  • Examining and clarifying the process for staff to report instances of racism within GBH and holding all staff accountable for their behavior toward others. We will also examine where our respectful workplace policy and training can be clarified and strengthened to incorporate anti-racism.
  • Continuing to identify other activities and resources that expand and widen our community outreach to diverse audiences and communities.

These commitments are building blocks from which we expect other concrete steps to emerge. Our vision is to be a public media organization that responds to, represents and includes the diversity of our community so that we can all grow.