As the impeachment hearings unfold, WGBH’s Media Access Group will provide live closed captioning for PBS and CBS for the entirety of the process. This should come as no surprise, as WGBH pioneered captioning for the hearing-impaired in 1972. Since then, MAG has captioned everything from state funerals for Presidents Reagan and Bush, as well as Senator McCain, to the election of Pope Francis. More recently, they captioned the Brett Kavanaugh hearing last year and the Robert Mueller testimony in July, not to mention every State of the Union address, primetime presidential speech, and National Convention since at least 2004 (plus last year’s Super Bowl!). Bryan Ferreira, Senior Manager of Technical Services at MAG, notes, “It’s a pretty safe assumption that if there is some major political event happening, MAG is live-captioning it for either CBS, PBS, or both.”

WGBH has an important role to play as the public hearings on impeachment are happening. "By making the proceedings widely available and accessible to the public, we are providing people with access to the information they need to be informed citizens," said Alison Godburn, Managing Director, Media Access Group.

Live coverage and analysis of the hearings is available on 89.7, WORLD CHANNEL,, via our various apps, and on social via PBS’s Facebook and Twitter channels. All the ways you can view or listen to the hearings, either in real time or after the fact, can be found here.