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Early Science with Nico and Nor™

Early Science with Nico and Nor
The Early Science Teacher's Guide on first8studios.org

Target Audience: PreK
Subjects/Skills: Science, Engineering

Early Science with Nico and Nor™ is an evidence-based early science curriculum that promotes young children’s understanding of core science ideas through tablet-based games and non-digital, hands-on activities. It features 11 learning apps, which help children prepare to transition to kindergarten with the knowledge and skills they will need to engage in STEM learning.

This nine-week supplemental curriculum was designed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, media and technology experts, preschool curriculum experts, educators, and advisors. The program provides activities that integrate developmentally appropriate tablet technology with traditional hands-on learning experiences.

Each three-week unit provides a series of lessons that focuses on a different branch of science: earth science (ramps, force, motion), physical science (shadows), and life science (plants). Lessons and activities are designed to fit preschool routines (circle time activities, outdoor activities, hands on investigations, etc.) and include digital apps (games), digital journals for recording and analyzing explorations, videos, hands-on activities, handouts, book ideas, and songs/chant lyrics.

Early Science with Nico and Nor™ also provides a robust, comprehensive digital teacher’s guide with professional development resources to support instructional practices and guide implementation.


Findings from an Education Development Center study indicated that children whose teachers used the program made significantly more improvements in science learning than their peers (2017). The success of Early Science with Nico and Nor™ led to the launch of a project integrating NGSS math and engineering practices with Next Generation Preschool Science science content, Early Math with Gracie & Friends™.

All resources are available for free from First 8 Studios at WGBH.

The apps (for tablets) are also available for free in the App Store

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