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Walter Mosley Reads Known to Evil

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walter Mosley reads from his new installment about private investigator Leonid McGill, *Known to Evil*. Leonid McGill--the protagonist introduced in *The Long Fall*--is still fighting to stick to his reformed ways while the world around him pulls him in every other direction. He has split up with his girlfriend, Aura, because his new self won't let him leave his wife--but then Aura's new boyfriend starts angling to get Leonid kicked out of his prime, top-of-the -skyscraper office space. Meanwhile, one of his sons seems to have found true love--but the girl has a shady past that is all of a sudden threatening the whole McGill family--and his other son, the charming rogue Twilliam, is doing nothing but enabling the crisis. Most ominously of all, Alfonse Rinaldo, the mysterious power-behind-the-throne at City Hall, the fixer who seems to control everything that happens in New York City, has a problem that even he can't fix--and he's come to Leonid for help. It seems a young woman has disappeared, leaving murder in her wake, and it means everything to Rinaldo to track her down. But he won't tell McGill his motives, which doesn't quite square with the new company policy--but turning down Rinaldo is almost impossible to contemplate.

Walter Mosley, author of *Devil in a Blue Dress*, is one of America’s most celebrated and best-known writers. His mysteries appear regularly on the *New York Times Best Sellers* list, and his books have been translated into more than twenty languages.