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Nancy Nichols with Women Behind the Wheel

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With support from: Lowell Institute
Date and time
Thursday, April 18, 2024
Starts at 6pm
There will be a book signing with Ms. Nichols after the program.

Suffolk University’s Ford Hall Forum; Communication, Journalism & Media, English, and the History, Language & Global Culture Departments, and Women’s & Gender Studies Program; present:

An evening with award-winning author Nancy A. Nichols, upon the publication of her new book Women Behind the Wheel: An Unexpected and Personal History of the Car. She will be joined in conversation by Amy Monticello, MFA, associate professor and chair, English Department, Suffolk University.

About Women Behind the Wheel

The invention of the automobile a little more than a century ago created a new and movable arena in which women’s struggle for power and autonomy would play out in myriad and often unexpected ways. Cars shaped the way women live, the way women work and date and dress, the way they care for their families, and the way they approach the elusive dream of work-life balance.

Yet despite its dramatic impact on the lives of women, few have stopped the speeding automobile in its tracks to document the impact this technology has had on women. The car may have been “born in a masculine manger,” but beyond this persistent men-and-machine myth lies a different story: women, too, have always loved their cars and the exhilarating freedom of the open road.

Blending cultural analysis, biography, literary criticism, and memoir, Women Behind the Wheel reclaims a neglected history and reveals how the car—and all that surrounds it—has become our most gendered technology.

Praise for Women Behind the Wheel
Fascinating, funny, enraging and often very moving. For all its hard-edged machinery, gender warring and auto-business shenanigans, the emotional engine of this book is Nichols’s own poignant story.”—The New York Times

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Nancy A. Nichols is a writer, editor and photographer.

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