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Life After Prison : Long Journey Home

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Date and time
Wednesday, December 06, 2023
6:00pm - 8:00pm Add to Calendar
GBH Studios
One Guest Street
Brighton, Massachusetts 02135
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GBH hosts a panel with local experts about challenges and success for the recently released from incarceration, part of its ongoing series Life After Prison.

Each year thousands of people return from the state’s prisons and county jails facing challenges in finding work, housing and, in general re-integrating into society. Our series has focused on struggles of prisoners seeking education on the inside and, on the outside, staying out of trouble. We’ve looked at the rising multimillion-dollar state prison budget amidst a plummeting population. We’ve talked to dozens of returning citizens, experts and government officials about what needs to be done to help people succeed.

Chris Burrell, investigative reporter, will host a conversation with State Senator Liz Miranda, Leslie Credle, Executive Director of Justice For housing and Armand Coleman, Executive Director of Transformational Prison Project (TPP). They will explore the challenges of re-entry after a time in prison and discuss solutions to be implemented.

Join us for a panel discussion with local experts. Following the discussion, please join for a community engagement session with our investigative team and organizations that work on the re-entry process.

Doors open at 5:30pm
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Liz Miranda.jpeg
Liz Miranda is the State Representative for the 5th Suffolk District, Boston.
Armand Coleman 2.jpg
Armand Coleman is TPP’s first-ever Executive Director. Charged with leading and developing the vision of the organization, he works in tandem with staff who are also system-impacted, as well as many facilitators, volunteers, and community partners. Armand is himself a system-impacted restorative justice practitioner who was introduced to RJ while incarcerated as a youthful offender. He has over 10 years of experience developing and leading restorative justice programming and helping thousands heal through the process.
Leslie Credle is the Founder & Executive Director of Justice 4 Housing, where she is leading the crusade to dismantle archaic and discriminatory housing policies that target justice-involved individuals that leads to homelessness, recidivism and the separation of families.
Burrell hedshot.jpg
Chris Burrell is an investigative reporter, covering criminal justice, housing, immigration and other topics at The GBH News Center for Investigative Reporting

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