“The Band's Visit” is one of the most captivating musicals about, well, nothing. The Tony-winning show follows the adventures of a touring Egyptian band stranded in an Israeli village. With nowhere for the musicians to stay, the locals take them in for the night.

The overriding sentiment of the musical is captured in the song “Something Different” with lyrics including “Nothing is as beautiful as something that you don't expect.”

Today on The Culture Show, host Jared Bowen talks with the man behind those words, David Yazbek, who is the composer and lyricist for the hit musical.

From there, we discuss what it means to be at sea. Literally, it means to be away from land. Figuratively, it means to have no path, to be confused or disoriented. This is what is captured in a 1915 Japanese work of art titled “Morning Sea.” Writer Gish Jen describes the experience of seeing this expanse of ocean as "overpowering and profound"; she joins the show today to talk about the piece, currently on view in New York.

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