On today's edition of The Culture Show, host Callie Crossley leads the regular week-in-review show, with GBH’s Edgar B. Herwick III and the Roxbury International Film Festival’s Lisa Simmons joining in to go over all of the latest headlines in arts and culture in Boston and beyond.

First up, what do the alternative rock band REM have in common with hip-hop giant and super-producer Timbaland? They’re both among this year’s Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees. The hosts take a listen to the lyrics and break down the legacy of the five artists selected.

Then it’s on to the lost and found department, from a priceless Picasso going up in flames to a stolen Picasso being recovered after a monthslong covert police operation. The hosts take a look at the value of physical works of art in an age of digital dominance.

Plus, the Oscar nominations are coming next week and it’s a paradox of choice thanks to a year of blockbusters, from "Oppenheimer" to the box office blonde bombshell that is "Barbie."

Finally, the Bay State wins big time at the Emmys. With a handful of Massachusetts-born actors claiming awards this week, take a beat to bask in their reflected glow.

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