It's the plight of public defenders: How do seven beleaguered lawyers offset the burden of their family defense caseloads? And a fear that the judicial system won’t deliver justice? And the burnout that seems to be careening their way?

They eat lunch.

But this isn’t stress eating, it's the comedic play “Lunch Bunch," now on stage at the Apollinaire Theatre Company. In this production, the midday meal is a gathering where breaking bread is an act of affirmation. At only an hour long, it may be snack-sized but it’s packed with flavor. Two of the actors that bring this story to life, Cristhian Mancinas-García and Parker Jennings, join GBH News Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen to discuss the show.

From there we continue our conversations with the ICA Foster Prize winners. Today it’s recipient Cicely Carew, whose art celebrates movement, mindfulness and color. Her vibrant sculptures, which she describes as "flying paintings," are cloudbursts of something both ethereal and exuberant.

Finally, it’s the public art program WINTERACTIVE, which gives new meaning to "clown around." We’ll get the lowdown from the organization bringing three months of interactive art to downtown Boston, including those colossal clowns turning heads in Downtown Crossing.

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