It's Friday, which means it's time for The Culture Show's week in review! Today, Edgar B Herwick III and Callie Crossley join GBH Executive Arts Editor and The Culture Show host Jared Bowen to go over the past week in arts and culture.

To start, it’s the ghost of Christmas future haunting Hollywood. Will the double feature of the actors’ and writers’ strikes take a toll on the film industry in 2024? Then it’s the stratospheric rise and fall of actor Jonathan Majors after a conviction on domestic assault charges brought down the action film A-lister. With Marvel studios severing ties, is the film industry signaling a zero-tolerance policy for criminal behavior?

Plus, after a 29-year run, Bryant Gumble’s “Real Sports” airs its final episode. Is this a final score for hardcore sports journalism? And first-time author Cait Corrain gives new meaning to “cooking the books” with a review bomb scandal; the writer admitted recently to creating fake profiles on Goodreads as a way to boost ratings for her forthcoming book. And if that wasn’t enough, she tried to take down other authors along the way.

Finally, with Kwanzaa approaching, we’ll look at the origins of a holiday that was conceptualized as a celebration of community and African and African American culture.

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