For his newest work, playwright Lloyd Suh relied on maternal instincts.

His works often take place during pivotal moments in Asian American history: examining the immigrant experience and how history can take a toll across generations. So for this one, he had long conversations with his mom.

They surface in his comedy “The Heart Sellers,” where two young housewives grapple with the isolation that comes from moving to a new country. Lonely in a foreign land, they forge a friendship while undertaking a very American tradition: preparing the Thanksgiving turkey.

Suh joins The Culture Show host and GBH Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen to talk about this production, onstage now at The Huntington.

Then it’s a public art public service announcement. Artist Julia Swanson from the Art Walk Projectprovides a guide to the art hiding in plain sight, including a few famously mysterious installations across the city.

Finally, local filmmaker John Stimpson's new film, “Letters to Santa,” is included in Hallmark’s countdown to Christmas canon. The writer and producer from H9 Productions explains what exactly is in the secret Santa sauce when it comes to making a successful holiday movie.

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