For Thursday’s edition of The Culture Show, we are steeped in American history, with this year marking the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

Fed up with the tyranny of taxation without representation, American colonists literally took matters into their own hands in 1773 as they tossed three shiploads of tea into Boston Harbor. The theatrics alone — the vision of angry patriots hurling 90,000 pounds of cargo overboard — has made it one of the most celebrated rebellions. But to understand the ideals and motivations behind it, we turn to Peter Drummey and Catherine Allgor of the Massachusetts Historical Society, where a current exhibition takes visitors inside the minds of revolutionaries to understand why the pivotal moment happened in the first place.

From there we brew another cup of rebellion by way of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. We’ll get a preview of the grand-scale reenactment of the historic protest taking place this weekend from creative manager Evan O'Brien.

Finally, Lisa Simmons — founder and president of The Color of Film Collaborative, Inc. — joins the show for her take on more recent local history, the legacy of ImprovBoston. In addition, Simmons will discuss the Golden Globes and more with GBH Executive Arts Editor and The Culture Show host Jared Bowen.

It's all on The Culture Show — listen to the full episode above.