In the middle of a New England forest, a yellow house and the land on which it sits holds 200 years of personal and political history. The home and forest tell stories of family, time, memories, ghosts and the wonders of an evolving landscape.

This sweeping saga is author Daniel Mason’s latest novel, “North Woods,” a riveting, imagined story of one New England house from the time of American colonies to the present. Through prose and poetry, Mason traces the intertwined seasons of the people linked to the home, as well as the exciting evolution of plants and animals who share the surrounding land.

“North Woods” is the December selection for “Bookmarked: The Under the Radar Book Club.”

Daniel Mason is the author of five books, including his latest "North Woods." He was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize for his book, "A Registry of My Passage Upon the Earth." Mason is also an assistant professor at the Stanford University Department of Psychiatry.