A myriad of new local restaurants, including 311 Omakase, All That Fish + Oyster and Moëca, are making the Boston area a seafood-lover’s haven.

Plus, a significant Portuguese American population in Greater Boston is reflected in new Portuguese restaurants featuring the flavorful cuisine, from crispy cod cakes to tasty egg tarts.

And wine lovers are choosing an old favorite — chardonnay — for their fall sipping, driving its expected market value over the next decade upward by hundreds of millions.

It's Under the Radar's Food and Wine Roundtable.


Jonathon Alsop, founder and executive director of the Boston Wine School, author of "The Wine Lover's Devotional"

Amy Traverso, senior food editor at Yankee Magazine, co-host of the GBH series, "Weekends with Yankee," author of "The Apple Lover’s Cookbook”