This week on Open Studio, Jared Bowen hosts a poetry and prose special — talking to authors and poets.

Bowen begins the conversation with filmmaker and visual artist John Waters about writing his first novel, “Liarmouth.” The book follows a cunning woman on the run who is ultimately forced to tell the truth.

From there, Bowen speaks with former U.S. Poet Laurate Tracy K. Smith about her career-spanning collection of poetry, “Such Color.” It’s a collection of work from the Pulitzer Prize winner that both speaks to tumultuous times and helps readers make sense of it.

Then Bowen wraps up the show with writer Gish Jen. In novels, short stories and essays, she has long captured the characteristics and conflicts of clashing cultures. She does it again, and often with humor, in her new book of short stories, “Thank You, Mr. Nixon.” This collection not only tells the story of an immigrant experience, family dynamics and what it means to be caught up in history, it tells the broader story of China and America.