In a recent concert at First Church Congregtional in Cambridge, MA, vocal ensemble Musica Sacra sang folk hymns and canticles from two regions that, at first blush, don't seem to have a whole lot to do with one another: England and Estonia. But, as they proved over the course of the concert, both countries have rich choral traditions that complement each other beautifully.

According to the program notes for this concert,

"The Estonian folk hymn tradition seems to bridge the gap between folksong and sacred music, with melodies and ornaments that developed as people sang familiar hymn tunes both congregationally and in their homes. England, meanwhile, maintains a strong tradition of liturgical choral music in church services, and the Renaissance period in particular produced a substantial body of sacred choral music, with deft counterpoint and beautiful harmony."

Both traditions were on full display in this performance. Watch Musica Sacra sing Estonian composer Margo Kõlar's "Mu Mano Tulge Latse" in the player above, and watch "Nunc dimittis" from English composer Orlando Gibbon's The Second Service below.

Visit Musica Sacra's website to learn more.