Anthony Amore, head of security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, said he knows who is responsible for theinfamous 1990 art heist but wouldn't share the name with Jim Braude on Greater Boston.

The suspects are now dead, said Amore. "The only goal here is putting the paintings back in frames at least from my perspective." He added that arrests and prosecution are now out of the question as the statute of limitations has expired.

Amore said he won't share the names of the perpetrators because authorities get flooded with calls and tips, and it is much more effective to contact people who are connected to the suspects instead.

The hunt for the stolen art is never over. "All I can do, Jim, is give it my best effort and try to do everything humanly possible to get the paintings back in the best way we can. That's what I'm doing so that's where the hope comes from. That's where the confidence comes from," Amore said, adding that perseverance is the key to getting the art back.

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