The photographs portray normal scenes of childhood: kids jumping rope, climbing trees, playing in the street.

But what makes the images striking is the context. These children are living in parts of the world struggling with war, extreme violence and poverty.

That's the theme of Entitlements, a new photo exhibit by the photography group Authority Collective and the nonprofit Atlanta Celebrates Photography. The 14 images capture the hope and strength of teens and children living through incredibly difficult circumstances around the globe. The exhibit is currently on display until the end of the year at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta.

"By depicting children as resilient in the face of insecurity, we are bringing attention to the wrongs they're experiencing, and how they find joy in the world despite immense adversity," says Tara Pixley, curator of Entitlements.

Half of the images in the show come from American photojournalist Danielle Villasana, who documented women and child refugees in Nigeria, Myanmar and Honduras.

"These children are growing up in neighborhoods that rob them of opportunity and a childhood," says Villasana. "But they are still having moments of playfulness and doing things that kids do everywhere, but in a war zone. There is hope in that."

Here is a selection of Villasana's images.

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