While live broadcasts from our Boston Public Library studio may be on pause for the time being, our producers dug up some of their favorite broadcasts from the archives to share with you. Stuck at home and need something to watch? Here are their top 10 picks:

Exploring Season 17 of "Simply Ming"

Watch WGBH contributor Sue O'Connell sit down with award-winning chef, Ming Tsai, and Executive Producer of WGBH's Lifestyle Unit, Laurie Donnelly, to get the inside scoop on season 17 of Simply Ming. Need to catch up on the season? Watch the most recent episodes of Simply Ming here.

A Conversation With One Of Sesame Street's Original Artists, Joe Mathieu

If you need a mood booster, watch WGBH News' Morning Edition host Joe Mathieu as he interviews his father and children's book illustrator/author, Joe Mathieu. They reflect on dad's 50-year career and share his experiences as one of Jim Henson's original Sesame Street artists. It truly does not get more wholesome than this.

Women Making A Difference In Dorchester

Life may feel like it's on hold at the moment, but Women's History Month is still going strong. To celebrate, we invited three of Dorchester's most outstanding women to discuss what it means to be a female leader in their community.

A Musical Break With Singer-Songwriter Alastair Moock

Need a musical break? WGBH News' Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen sat down with singer-songwriter Alastair Moock to discuss his new album, Be a Pain: An Album for Young (& Old) Leaders. Moock rocked out at the BPL studio, playing some of his favorite songs from his album to our live audience.

The 125th Anniversary Of The Boston Public Library's McKim Building

The Boston Public Library's McKim building turned 125 this month! To celebrate, BPL President David Leonard took us on a trip down memory lane and showed us how much the venerable institution has changed over the century.

NPR's Scott Simon Discusses His New Book, "Sunnyside Plaza"

NPR veteran Scott Simon sat down with WGBH News Reporter Craig Lemoult to discuss his latest book, Sunnyside Plaza. While having Simon as a guest was a treat, the show took an emotional turn when Lemoult and Simon connected over the experience of adopting a child. We laughed. We cried. We watched it again. And again. And again.

Behind-The-Scenes Of FRONTLINE's "For Sama"

FRONTLINE Executive Producer Raney Aronson-Rath gave us a behind-the-scenes peek into the creation of FRONTLINE's Academy Award-nominated documentary, For Sama, a groundbreaking film exploring the life of filmmaker Waad al-Kateab and her young family throughout five years of war in Aleppo, Syria. If you still have not seen For Sama, watch it here.

A Deep Dive Into Boston's Archives

Remember Bradlees? Tower Records? What I-93 looked like before the big dig? Twenty-three-year-old BPL Studio producer Emily Schario painfully admits she remembers NONE of these things. Take a trip down memory lane with the WGBH Archives team as they show us exclusive archival footage of what Boston used to look like many moons ago.

NOVA'S "Polar Extremes" Goes To Antarctica

Can you imagine living in Antarctica for a month? Well, NOVA's Caitlin Saks and Arlo Perez did, so you do not have to. Watch WGBH Contributor Sue O'Connell chat with the hosts of NOVA's 10-part digital series Antarctic Extremes, which explores the extreme challenges of polar research today.

A Conversation With Milk Street's Christopher Kimball

Need some dinner inspiration? Look no further. Watch Sue O'Connell's tasty talk with Milk Street's Christopher Kimball as he gives us an exclusive look into the latest season of Milk Street Television. Catch up on the latest season here.