On Tuesday, WGBH arts editor Jared Bowen stopped by Boston Public Radio to give his thoughts on “She the People,” currently playing at the South End’s Calderwood Pavilion through March 8th.

"This is all a show created by and performed by women — for everyone,” Bowen said. "It takes on myriad issues, everything from cheerleaders who keep getting scolded for the women’s issues they’re going to be cheering about, to a little tiny sketch that I haven’t stopped thinking about, [where] a woman who goes to Weight Watchers and the person next to her is a 12 year-old girl."

The cast of “She the People” consists of actors from Chicago’s Second City improv troupe, which launched the careers of comics like Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, and Joan Rivers.

"This cast on stage is terrific, and part of the reason I know that is because... I was watching their music director laugh — presumably this is someone who sees the show every night and is at least somewhat used to [their] improv,” he said.

"I was watching this person laugh and laugh, and it made me laugh because, clearly, [the cast is] at the top of their game. Very very talented, very funny."