Speaking Friday at the WGBH Boston Public Library studio, Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam recounted the details of a tragedy that took place this week in the world of classical music.

In a Facebook post Sunday, classical pianist Angela Hewitt shared news with her fans of the death of her $200,000 Fazioli piano.

For those unfamiliar with Hewitt, Beam explained that “she is a world-class pianist, an interpreter of the classical repertory, with famous records of both Bach and Beethoven.”

“We shouldn’t laugh at other people’s misfortune,” Beam said on Boston Public Radio, giggling at a pun based around the piano’s fate. “What befell — a perfectly serviceable verb, yes — … her $200,000 bespoke Italian-made piano fell, [and] was damaged right after she used it in Berlin, and the iron metal frame … was shattered."

In the Facebook post, Hewitt described her piano as "my best friend, best companion. … now it is no longer.”

“Obviously, Hewitt is a maestro. … When you’re at the [expert] level, [you’re] really talking about human companions," Beam said.