It’s time to put on the cufflinks and pull out that decanter of single-malt scotch, because we’re getting gentlemanly on today’s news quiz.

Leading the way are WGBH News' resident gentleman (and Executive Arts Editor) Jared Bowen and Marie Keep, the managing director, senior vice president and director of the fine wines and rare spirits department at Skinner, which offers auctions for high-value items.

They joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan to discuss the December Gentleman’s Auction, online Dec. 12-20.

“Twice a year, we do the Gentleman’s Auction, where we pull objects, fine art, textiles and furniture from all of our departments across the board, whether it’s furniture and decorative arts, whether it’s books and manuscripts [or] whiskey,” Keep said, “and we put it together in an offering that we hope people will find something that inspires them and think about objects in a different way.”