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A Century of Style: Masterworks of Poster Design, on display at MassArt’s Stephen D. Paine Gallery through December 3

MassArt's Synopsis: "A Century of Style: Masterworks of Poster Design spans the breadth of the art poster's development, from the emergence of the international poster scene in the 1890s; through the rapid development of the Art Nouveau, Machine Age, and Art Deco styles; and onto the resurgence of the contemporary poster. Exploring travel and leisure, food and beverage, and fashion and entertainment, the graphic works on view include those by prominent artists Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Herbert Matter, Ludwig Hohlwein, Roger Broders, and A. M. Cassandre, among many others. These colorful and vibrant lithographs span 100 years and have been selected by Robert Bachelder from his remarkable collection of vintage posters."

Jared Says: "A colorful, frothy, and unexpectedly engaging delight."

Tiger Style! Presented by the Huntington Theatre Company through November 13

Francis Jue, Ruibo Qian, Jon Norman Schneider, and Emily Kuroda star as the Chen family in "Tiger Style!"
Courtesy of Huntington Theatre Company / T. Charles Erickson

Huntington Theater Company's Synopsis: "Tiger Style! features squabbling siblings Albert and Jennifer Chen, who reached the pinnacle of academic achievement and graduated from Harvard. But as adults, they’re epic failures: He’s just been passed up for a promotion and she’s been dumped by her loser boyfriend. So, naturally, they confront their parents and launch an Asian Freedom Tour! Tiger Style! explores what happens when educational achievements and hard work don’t lead to personal or professional success. Travelling from California to China, this hilarious new play examines the immigrant experience, racial stereotypes, parenting, and success with wit and sharp humor." 

Jared Says: "It's so quick, so fast, so uproariously funny!"

Warrior Class, presented by the Lyric Stage Company through November 13

Lyric Stage Company's Synopsis: "Playwright Kenneth Lin (writer on House of Cards) delivers what the New York Times has called “an absorbing, incisive new play that crackles with authenticity,” just in time for the climax of a surprising election season. Michael Tow plays a New York assemblyman who's been dubbed "The Republican Obama." The son of Chinese immigrants and a decorated war veteran, he looks forward to a seemingly limitless political career. When someone from his past threatens to reveal a college transgression, he must decide how far he'll go to keep the incident out of the public eye."

Jared Says: "A political thriller... Here, nobody comes out well. A very dicey political piece."

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