Make art your way! This week we meet a designer redefining fashion through the perspective of her roots, irreverent comics telling outrageous versions of fairy tales, and an actor-turned-writer delves into the most ancient profession. In addition, all this week visitors can explore numerous kinds of art popping up around the Boston region.

Carla Fernandez: The Barefoot Designer, On view at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum through September 1st.

Fernández says her work is a metaphor for today’s Mexican fashion revolution. She believes that the future in Mexico is handmade and the ‘roots’ of tradition can be used to create forward thinking design and to call attention to the careful indigenous techniques used to create her garments. She works with Mexico’s indigenous communities to create new radical designs while preserving the traditional textile techniques. Her collaborative approach is pragmatic. “I think the best designers in Mexico are living in the communities," she told me. "And they always say why should we Mexicans be with, like, pizzas if we have great tacos, you know? So, I create fashion together with these communities that have the most amazing sense of color.”

Snow White and the Seven Bottoms, Presented by The Gold Dust Orphans, it plays at Machine through May 18th.

All your fairy tale dreams come true with a new musical adventure set in, as the troupe points out, "uncircumcised Germany!" Take a twisted trip through yet another fabulous offering from Boston's irreverent comedy troup. This is one of the best performances I've seen is the Orphans perform, featuring new songs and dances, and "buttloads of fabulous costumes."

Fading Gigolo, In theaters Friday.

John Turturro wrote, directs and plays the lead, Fioravante, a guy who gives in to his friend Murray (Woody Allen)and at his urging, joins the world’s oldest profession. That is how he finds something he didn’t know he was looking for—happiness and love. While Fioravante is at first hesitant at the prospect of being Murray’s “ho,” he also needs the cash and comes to realize that there are worse ways to make a living than making women happy. His story takes some awkward turns when one of his clients comes from the Chasidic community, but Turturro successfully reaches the end of his unexpected quest.

Art Week, Through May 4th.

Art Bingo, welding and sand casting classes, percussion performance in an ice bar, painting to live blues, a tropical interpretation of the Fort Point channel, are just part of a full array of artistic and creative experiences that come with the Spring edition of ArtWeek in Boston. In its second season, running from April 25 – May 4, more than 60 events will involve, invigorate and ignite imaginations in 12 Boston neighborhoods, as well as Cambridge, Somerville, and Lowell.

Coming up on Open Studio: I sit down with Alan Cumming, host of Masterpiece Mystery! and star of the television drama The Good Wife, to talk about returning to the role that made him the toast of New York—the Emcee in Cabaret on Broadway. We’ll also tour the Carla Fernandez fashion show at the Gardner Museum.

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