Halloween is this Wednesday and, as you might expect, there is no shortage of events around the area this weekend with a ghoulish theme. You can take a haunted cruise around Boston Harbor, indulge in 12 straight hours of horror films at the Coolidge Corner Theatre's 12th annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon, heck you can even have dinner with a couple of professional paranormal investigators up in Salem.

But if you are looking for something a little bit different, consider this: Fire. Lots of it. Blast furnaces. Molten iron, thousands of degrees hot, being thrown through the air.

Now that‘s scary. And, by most accounts, pretty exhilarating. This Friday, the Steel Yard in Providence and a local group of industrial artists called  the Iron Guild present a show like nothing else with their 7th annual Halloween Iron Pour

What's it like? "Twelve hundred people in one place watching molten iron and listening to music. It's a pretty big spectacle," says the Iron Guild's Elizabeth Cantrell. She joined us in the Boston Public Radio studios ahead of this year's Viking-themed spectacular to discuss the adrenaline rush of playing with 3,000-degree molten iron in front of hundreds of amped-up spectators.


Not convinced yet? Here's a taste of the fiery madness of an iron pour: