Dean Obeidallah is a lawyer. He writes a weekly opinion column for CNN.com. He’s appeared on MSNBC, PBS and NBC's Rock Center. He’s co-directed his first documentary, which is set to premiere later this month at the Austin Film Festival. All in all, he sounds like a pretty serious guy.

Except one thing: He’s a comedian. One that the Washington Post calls “an angsty Arab Chris Rock.”

Dean draws on his background (his father is from a small Palestinian village in the West Bank, his mother's parents are from Sicily) and his experiences growing up in New Jersey to brew a unique blend of politically tinged humor that not only aims to make us laugh, but also to challenge our perception of Muslims and Arab Americans.

Before Dean's Oct. 7 show at the Regent Theater in Arlington, he checked in with us on Boston Public Radio to talk about which presidential candidate is funnier, why the vice president actually has the best job in the world and his new documentary, "The Muslims Are Coming."