For 30 years now, Improv Boston has been on a mission. And it’s not to make people laugh — though they do that. And it’s not to be a launching pad for local comedians who go on star in films or write for the Daily Show — though it’s been that, too. No, their mission is to honor the craft. To be a place that, for audiences and performers alike, remains dedicated to the art of comedy.

The week of Sept. 4, those efforts are on full display, as dozens of improv, sketch and standup acts from right here in Boston and all across the United States, heck even Canada, descend on Central Square for its Boston Comedy Arts Festival.

Zach Ward, Improv Boston managing director and executive producer of the Boston Comedy Arts Festival
Kevin Allison, comedian, formerly of The State, creator of RISK!

Kevin Allison's RISK!, live in NYC:

Zach Ward says don't miss these acts at this year's Boston Comedy Arts Festival:

Two Man Movie:

Joe Wong: