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Reckoning + Repair

One of our nation’s most urgent and unanswered questions is around the topic of reparative justice, exploring America’s struggle to come to grips with its true history.

“Reckoning + Repair” is an organization-wide GBH initiative which will investigate the historical record and the discussion now underway in Boston and across the nation about reparations. The aim, across platforms and programs, is to help listeners, viewers and readers understand the nuance, debate, ambiguity and possible action resulting from the legacy of slavery in the United States.

To learn more about GBH's commitment to racial justice and equity, please visit our Racial Justice collection. For more related content and thought-provoking films and articles, please visit our Black History Month collection, updated regularly.

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WORLD Film Explores the Personal Approach to Reparations

The new film The Cost of Inheritance weighs in on one of the nation’s most divisive but essential topics — reparations — but doesn’t mention government solutions. Instead, it introduces viewers to descendants of slave owners and enslaved persons and profiles their complicated, intertwined histories and their quests to seek repair together.