From Kenya to Kentucky, the Boston Marathon attracts thousands of runners and spectators from around the world every year. As a cornerstone of Boston's history and culture, this iconic race has served as the backdrop for euphoric triumphs and devastating tragedies. While there's no question that Bostonians hold this historic race close to their heart, as part of our on-going series, "Hear at the Library," we asked out-of-towners to share their thoughts on the Boston Marathon.

Here's our feature that aired on WGBH's Weekend Edition:

Hear at the Library | Feature

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Hear at the Library | Laura

We're very friendly in the South, and sometimes, in Boston, you're not always sure. But, I could tell from the marathon that Bostonians are genuinely friendly.

-Laura, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, remembers how the support of the volunteers during last year's stormy Boston Marathon solidified her belief that Boston is a friendly city.

Hear at the Library | Constantine

You know, it's just a line in the ground, but knowing what happened around it, I think it was a very powerful experience for me...just knowing what happened there.

-Constantine, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, recalls the emotional moment of standing at the finish line after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings to mourn the victims.

Hear at the Library | Amanda

I haven't really ever lived in a place where the community is so strong...I think that's something that sets Boston apart from a lot of cities is that although it's a fairly large city, it always feels like home.

-Amanda, originally from Virginia, thinks the support and comradery around the Boston Marathon is what makes Boston feel like home.