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Why I give - Liz Morningstar

Liz Morningstar

Chair, GBH Board of Advisors

Liz Morningstar was the founding CEO of the Boston Public Market, opening the Public Market in 2015 and serving as CEO until January 2016. For her work she was recognized by the Boston Globe as a 2015 Bostonian of the Year. Prior to opening the Market, Liz was the Executive Director of “Rethink” a political action committee in support of Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate race. She served as Secretary of Cabinet Affairs and Senior Advisor to Governor Deval Patrick, the Executive Director of the Deval Patrick Committee, and the co-chair of the Patrick-Murray Inaugural Committee. Before moving to Massachusetts, Liz held various positions in the Clinton Administration and Clinton White House, starting her career handling environmental issues in Vice President Gore's press office. She lives with her husband, Tim and two children in Beacon Hill. She has served on and is currently active in a number of local non-profits.