Every season, GBH Drama prepares to bring you coverage of the latest and greatest in British dramas. This month, we're getting a brand new series from MASTERPIECE: Ridley Road. Featuring intrigue, history, and an often overlooked dramatic storyline, this series does not disappoint. GBH Drama contributor Amanda-Rae Prescott is here to recap the magic as it happens.

Vivien’s curiosity about Jack/Peter’s recovery leads her to start her first real assignment as an antifascist with the group that meets in the tailor shop. This episode reveals that they're called the 62. Once again Vivien has to face National Socialist Movement leader Colin Jordan. Will her beginner’s luck hold under real experience? Let’s find out:

Where Is Peter/Jack?
The episode begins right where we left off, at Jordan’s office. Jane/Vivien claims her father and grandfather were postmen whose jobs were stolen by the Caribbean men who immigrated to England after WWII. The town was no longer all white and that’s somehow the fault of the British Jews. All of this showed Jane/Vivien that the only way forward was to become a fascist. Jordan and his henchmen shove Jane/Viven into a car and speed off into the unknown. Uncle Soly tries to follow but he is detained by some antisemitic thugs. Meanwhile, Stevie is still outside trying to figure out where Vivien went but the racist cops force him to move on.

The Mystery Mansion
Jordan and Jane/Vivien arrive at a very fancy house which could be a location for any MASTERPIECE costume drama. This is the same house that was in the very first scene in Episode One. Now it’s clear that the blonde lady in that scene is Jane/Vivien, but we don’t know yet how she comes to stay there and who the child is.

Jordan has borrowed the house from a Lord for the purposes of planning more fascist action. Jane/Vivien meets another woman who is clearly a servant or housekeeper, and the little boy from the opening scene, who is Jordan’s son. The boy is homeschooled because of bullying in school (this is what happens when your dad organizes hate crimes). Jane/Vivien pulls out another skill of hers: being good with little kids, which Jordan takes notice of. Peter/Jack is in another room of the house. Jane/Vivien gets to see him for a couple of minutes while Jordan stands to watch in the hallway. Jack says he’s still healing from his injuries but he is fine. Unfortunately, his location puts him out of the easy reach of the group. Jane/Vivien keeps the ruse of being Peter/Jack’s girlfriend long enough for Jordan to ask if he means to marry her.

Vivien/Jane returns to the 62 headquarters at the tailor’s shop with some very useful information. She noticed that there were men doing some variety of military training at the house which means Jordan is raising his own fascist paramilitary or militia force. The 62 determines they need more hard evidence before they can bring those accusations to the authorities. Vivien also overheard something about “they bury their dead quick” which is a clue that the fascists are planning to disrupt the funeral of the young man killed by the molotov cocktail thrown at the yeshiva. The 62 thanks her for the info followed by a “don’t call us, we’ll call you”.

Pieces Of Evidence
Ethel, Vivien’s landlady, is told that she has to move out of her house and into one of the new tower blocks (apartment buildings) as the council is planning on tearing down all of the older houses. There will be a spare room in the new apartment so Vivien can still be a lodger. As Vivien helps Ethel pack, she tells her that she’s trying to avoid her ex so she doesn’t want to draw any attention to herself. Later on, while Vivien is gone, Ethel looks at Vivien’s things and Vivien’s Hebrew prayer book falls to the floor. This is the first clue that Vivien didn’t entirely think through where she is and what she needs to keep completely out of easy reach. Ethel is confused: will she use this information against Vivien?

Meanwhile, back in Manchester, Jeremy is telling Vivien’s family that he’s awaiting Vivien’s return. If she doesn’t come back and the engagement is really over, Jeremy is going to hike up the rent. As far as Vivien’s mom Liza knows, she’s in London with friends and seeing random West End shows. David, Viven’s dad, denies that his brother is involved but later on it’s clear he knows what Soly is up, to as David is called to London. Rosa shows Liza letters that are about the 62.

The Signal
Back at Barbara’s salon, Vivien refuses to tell Stevie what she was doing at the National Socialist headquarters. Vivien is not at all happy he followed her, and refuses to answer his questions. Stevie warns her she’s playing with fire. He’s rightfully concerned, but also Vivien is obviously making sure outsiders don’t know about the existence of the antifascist action. The salon patrons are listening to the radio where the announcer is talking about Marilyn Monroe passing away when Nancy, Uncle Soly’s wife, comes into the shop looking for a new hairdo. She passes along a message for Vivien to come to Pearlmutter’s later on.

Vivien is formally inducted into the 62 as she has proven that she can act upon her dislike of the fascist movement. Her first real mission is to go back to the mansion and plant a transmitter device in Jordan’s office so that they can gain evidence that the paramilitary group is real. Nancy punches Vivien so now “Jane” can ask Jordan for assistance and a place to stay away from the “people” who attacked her.

A Side Quest
Peter/Jack lets Jane/Vivien into the house. The mysterious housekeeper from earlier, who is clearly pregnant, helps Jane/Vivien get clothes to change into but not before rifling through Jane/Vivien’s pockets. She finds the business card for the salon but it’s not clear if there’s anything else of use. After Vivien gets changed, she follows the men’s voices to hear Jordan giving out yet another speech about how the fascists are going to take over the UK. She realizes this is the perfect time to help Peter/Jack install the transmitter as the men are extremely distracted by the speech and the alcohol. Jane/Vivien meets Peter/Jack in Jordan’s study and they start kissing, which is not helping the transmitter installation. Jack/Peter runs into some technical difficulties so he instructs Jane/Vivien to distract Jordan.

Jordan is clearly starting to develop feelings for Jane/Vivien, as she’s good with his son and also can engage him in a political conversation. Jordan tries to caress her arm which Jane/Vivien is a bit nervous about, but she decides to play along with it as it’s possible she could get more information out of it. Once Jack is finished installing the transmitter, he looks for where Jane/Vivien went. He can overhear from the stairs Jordan telling Jane how he wants her to be “his”. The episode ends with Peter/Jack realizing that the only thing Jane/Vivien is in danger of at that point is breaking his heart.

Is Jordan seeking Mrs. Fascist or a Babysitter With Benefits? Will the business card or the Hebrew book end up giving Jane/Vivien away? Will Stevie end up in the loop with the 62? Find out next week on Ridley Road!