TheWGBH Drama Clubloves thrillers, so we’re thrilled about the upcoming miniseries The Victim from the BBC. The 4-part series follows Anna Dean, played by Kelly MacDonald, a Scottish woman on a mission to avenge her son’s 14-year-old murder. When a suspect goes on trial, Dean is accused of posting the man’s identity — but is he really the killer? Can he restore his reputation? Who is really the victim? You’ll have to watch all four episodes to find out.

Here are ten facts about Kelly MacDonald, the talented star of this gripping new series.

She’s Scottish.

Although she has played Brits, Americans, Russians, and all types of other characters, MacDonald is a native of Glasgow, Scotland. She grew up there, and after living in New York for a number of years, returned there with her family. “We live in a lovely part of Glasgow that has a lot of cultural significance,” she said about her hometown. “You can feel it. The buildings are alive with history and learning. It’s a very inspiring place to be.”

For five years, she starred in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

Set in Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire is a crime drama about politician Nucky Thompson, played by Steve Buscemi, and his attempts to control the town during the Prohibition era of the 1920s. MacDonald played a young Irish immigrant trapped in an abusive marriage, who later becomes Thompson’s wife. The critically-acclaimed series picked up 57 Emmy nominations — including MacDonald’s nominations for Best Supporting Actress.

She made her mark early in Trainspotting.

At age 19, MacDonald was working at a bar when she landed a role in Trainspotting, Danny Boyle’s 1996 film in which she played Ewan McGregor’s young girlfriend. “I was so nervous,” she said about the experience, “I could barely make eye contact with Ewan McGregor!”

She’s a self-taught talent.

MacDonald never attended drama school, and instead developed her talent through experience. "It took me a few years to get over that and to realize that I wasn't ever going to go to drama school — that I was doing quite well without it,” she said. “And I think the way that I work, there's no technique. I'm just — it's very intuitive, and it happens when I'm on the set and I'm with another actor. And it's very much a back and forth. It's listening and reacting, basically, and that's what I do.”

She had a small but pivotal role in the Harry Potter series.

She appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, the final installment of the beloved movie adaptations. She plays a ghost known as "The Grey Lady” — Helena Ravenclaw — and plays a pivotal role in helping Harry end up victorious.

She once auditioned for The Matrix — but it didn’t go well.

MacDonald auditioned for a part in the iconic sci-fi film — but hadn’t read the script. Needless to say, she was unprepared and didn’t get the part. She now considers it one of her most embarrassing moments.

The Coen Brothers are a fan.

MacDonald shows off an impressive Texas accent for the Coen Brothers’ award-winning 2007 film No Country For Old Men. The directors originally wanted an American to play the role of Carla Jean Moss, but were so impressed by her they made an exception.

She’s not a household name — and she’s ok with that.

Despite her immense talent, MacDonald isn’t widely known. But she thinks that helps her become her characters. "I got a text yesterday from a friend I haven't seen for a while. He'd just watched No Country For Old Men on DVD and didn't know I was in it,” she said. “That suits me down to the ground… I think if you're too much of a personality then it's harder to disappear into roles."

She made Pixar history.

She voiced Merida, the lead character in 2012's animated feature Brave, set in the Scottish Highlands. Merida is a rebellious princess who uses her archery skills and bravery to save her kingdom. Brave was Pixar's first film to feature a female heroine.

She’s been nominated for almost every high-profile acting award.

MacDonald picked up a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her part in No Country For Old Men, and a few Emmy nominations for Boardwalk Empire. Add to the list a Screen Actors Guild Award win for the 2001 film Gosford Park, plus a Golden Globe nomination for the miniseries The Girl in the Café.

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