One of the things the WGBH Drama Club loves about The Durrells in Corfuis the beautiful scenery — and we’re not just talking about ocean vistas. We’re not going to lie – the actors themselves are also pleasing to the eye. That applies to Alexis Georgoulis, who plays Spiro Hakaiopoulos, the friendly cab driver who helps the Durrells settle into Corfu and, understandably, becomes a love interest for Louise.

Let’s travel to sunny Greece and learn a little more about Greek actor Alexis Georgoulis, a man of many talents.

1. He’s called the “George Clooney Of Greece.”
He’s a major star in his home country, where “The Durrells” is a big hit. His fans have dubbed him the “George Clooney of Greece,” and we don’t disagree with the comparison.

2. He’s a member of the European Parliament.
In May, Georgoulis was elected to the legislative branch of the European Union and is serving a 4-year term. He ran as a member of the left-wing SYRZIA party.

3. One of his campaign platforms was advancing Greek cinema.
Georgoulis said he would work to create incentives for film productions to come to Greece. He also wants European governments to put more emphasis on cultural issues. “We need a Europe that focuses on society, culture, needs, and not just numbers. We need another culture, a new logic, beyond excessive consumerism,” he said.One of his goals is creating a European festival that promotes the production of ancient Greek tragedies.

4. He has great chemistry with his co-star.
As Spiros and Louisa have grown closer in The Durrells in Corfu, so have Georgoulis and his co-star Keeley Hawes. He says their relationship has helped smooth the way for acting in English, his second language. "Keeley felt that awkwardness that I had, but she had the attitude of, 'Everything is nice, everything is comfortable, and we are here to have fun'. And it worked well - and for three years now." he told a British paper.

5. He almost became a civil engineer.
Before exploring a career in acting, Georgoulis studied engineering at National Technical University of Athens. Lucky for us, he took a detour and started acting lessons. Today, he couldn’t be happier with his decision. “I catch myself like saying that like twice a year that this is the best the occupation that I could ever have,” he told Masterpiece’s podcast.

6. He uses his political platform to promote Greek artisans.
Over the summer, he advocated for reducing the rate of excise duty on ‘tsipouro’ and ‘tsikoudia,’ brandies from the the Greek islands. He said the makers are integral to Europe’s cultural heritage and the profession should be protected.

7. He considers fellow actor and Greek American Nia Vardalos a close friend.
Georgoulis appeared in the 2007 rom-com My Life in Ruins with Vardalos (star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) about an American woman who becomes a tour guide in Greece. Georgoulis plays a bus driver and eventual love interest. They’re still close – he posted about his ‘best friend’ on Instagram supporting him at an Athens show.

8. He’s an animal lover
Georgoulis called himself a dog lover in a post on his Instagram page, and it’s clear he cares about all animals. He even took a public pledge to support animal welfare reforms in the European Parliament.

9. He’s a reality show judge.
Georgoulis is a judge on the Greek show Your Face Sounds Familiar in which celebrities perform and impersonate famous musical stars. A recent season showcased impersonations of Ed Sheeran, Cardi B, David Bowie, Cher and many more.

10. He has many talents besides acting, including playing the guitar.
As Spiros, we get to see Georgoulis show off his musical abilities through singing and playing the guitar. Turns out he is a natural on the guitar.

The Durrells in Corfu Season 4 airs on September 29 at 8pm on Channel WGBH 2.